SolOcean’s First Successful European Project: Bavarian Fish Lake Installation

On June 10, 2024, SolOcean marked a significant milestone by successfully implementing its first European project in a picturesque fish lake in Bavaria, Germany. This innovative venture highlights the potential of floating solar technology in addressing both energy and environmental challenges.


Project Overview

SolOcean installed nine floating solar panels on the lake, each with a capacity of 560 watts-peak (Wp). This installation not only demonstrates the feasibility and efficiency of floating solar panels but also showcases their dual benefits: reducing water evaporation and generating sustainable energy.


Benefits of Floating Solar Panels

Prevention of Water Evaporation:

By covering a portion of the lake’s surface, the floating panels help in significantly reducing water evaporation. This is particularly beneficial in maintaining water levels, which is crucial for the aquatic ecosystem and local fish farming operations.

Sustainable Energy Generation:

The 560Wp panels collectively generate enough energy to power water pumps essential for the lake’s management. This renewable energy source contributes to a reduction in reliance on fossil fuels and supports the region’s environmental sustainability goals.

Efficient Use of Space:

Installing solar panels on water bodies avoids the use of valuable land resources. This is especially important in densely populated regions or areas where land use is highly competitive.

Technical Details

The nine floating solar panels are strategically anchored to ensure stability and optimal energy capture. The design takes into consideration factors such as wind resistance and wave dynamics, ensuring that the panels remain operational under various weather conditions. The energy generated is directly used to power water pumps, which are vital for maintaining the lake’s ecological balance and supporting the local fish population.

Environmental Impact

SolOcean’s project not only emphasizes renewable energy production but also underscores the importance of water conservation. By mitigating water evaporation, the panels help preserve the lake’s volume, ensuring a sustainable habitat for the fish and other aquatic organisms.

Future Prospects

This successful implementation in Bavaria sets a promising precedent for future projects across Europe. Solocean plans to expand its operations, targeting more lakes and water bodies that can benefit from this technology. The integration of floating solar panels presents a viable solution to energy and environmental challenges, promoting a greener and more sustainable future.


SolOcean’s Bavarian fish lake project is a testament to the potential of innovative renewable energy solutions. By harnessing solar power through floating panels, the project not only generates clean energy but also supports ecological conservation. As Solocean continues to pioneer in this field, it paves the way for broader adoption of floating solar technology across Europe and beyond.