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Advanced Floatovoltaic Technologies

Floating photovoltaic systems represent the next generation of powering solar energy. The installation of PV panels on a water body instead of being fixed to the ground or roofs provided a range of advantages.

  • Improved water quality (shades the water and reduces photosynthesis)
  • Reduced evaporation (up to 50% on man-made facilities and 33% on natural lakes)
  • Improved energy efficiency (up to 10% more efficient than land-based solar plants)

SolOcean floating photovoltaic systems provide the most advanced technology on the market of solar energy.

Facts & Features of the SolOcean Floater

Modular – flexible – easy handling

  • 6-fold patented innovation
  • Designed in Austria

Modular, flexible, high-buoyancy floating body

For maximum area performance and productivity thanks to optimal net glass area

Flexible system design for all FPV application areas

For use in both fresh and salt water

Glass-glass PV modules with double butyl edge sealing

Ensure long-term efficiency of the high-quality panels and prevent delamination through diffusion tightness

Mobile and transportable as a complete system on water surfaces

Easy installation of the entire system without complicated disassembly

Photocatalytic, hydrophobic glass coating

Prevents organic dirt adhesion and salt-mineral incrustation

Most advanced FPV technology on the world market

Enables high returns with relatively low investment costs